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Salam(peace) people. Welcome to my account page. Enjoy my flash & don't forget to review & votes. Number are one, power as thirty.

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Blakant's News

Posted by Blakant - February 11th, 2009

Wassup & Assalamualaikum.......

It's been awhile since I post any news about GTSA2 work progress....
Well, here's the story, since I finally finished my BIG exam, my family haf asked me to work in the family business (not a mafia!), it's a tourism business stuff.
Anyway, these few weeks been pretty rough for me, PLUS my driving license examination... So I haf no time to work much on it.

But, after I submitted my latest Flash project (MUSLIM Music Video), I had some space to work on GTSA2 once again! Suprisingly, I worked alot in it... I must have been really excited enuff to make me unrealise that I work very fast!

At the end of the day (today), GTSA2 are left 15 scenes (plus Menu & Credit)
I hope this project will be a BIG success cuz Im sure Im very enjoy the storyline, wirtten by Reputator

Here's one of the scene that I find very cool.. Cool enuff to put it here

Grand Theft Semi-Auto 2 - Progress

Posted by Blakant - October 13th, 2008

The sequel of Grand Theft Semi-Auto 2 (Obviously...) are in the making!

I improve alot since the last episode (duh, it's been a year). I also will try to improve the audio quality since the majority review agreed that the audio in the 1st ep. SUCKS. In this episode, I receive alot of help from inside & outside of HUSH Animation Production.

As always, Heath Bellemore aka. Stillbeating Pictures are there to help me out in one or two thing, I rlly appreciate his help. Oh! and the guy who made almost everything in this episode, happens, Reputator (He won't tell me his real name)

I expect this movie to be my best animation AND most enjoyable, cuz the humor r over the top! Thanks to Reputator & Heath's script assistant.

Here's the drawing of the main character in this episode, COMMENT!!

Grand Theft Semi-Auto 2

Posted by Blakant - May 10th, 2008

Hey there!

Juz submitted my latest Flash called Biology vs. Chemistry.
It's about 2 nerd, 1 love Biology & another in love wif Chemistry.. lol
This will happen if 2 nerd argue wif each other about their favourite subject. Well, not really...
Watch em now!

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