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Salam(peace) people. Welcome to my account page. Enjoy my flash & don't forget to review & votes. Number are one, power as thirty.

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Blakant's News

Posted by Blakant - February 3rd, 2013

It's finally here! This is my group's final year project that was done in the past six months.

Haireey Hashnan - Character Modeller / 2D Animator / Animator
Haizeel Hashnan - Compositor / Matte Painter / Texture Artist
Husna Ahmad Faizal - Animator / Environment Modeller
Behrooz - Rig Artist / Music Artist / Animator
Feel free to SHARE, LIKE and drop a COMMENT. We are excited to hear your feedback.

link : http://vimeo.com/rockethead/monsternextdoor

Monster Next Door


Posted by Blakant - July 10th, 2011

Assalamualaikum & Hello reader(s),

It's been awhile since i post anything about my project n all. So yeah, Im starting a new project now & it's involving a whole lot of voice actors which interested just to have FUN, no real acting, juz urself making silly noise & beats to be composed into 1 awesome funky song.

Project based on Link's Barrel Beat, u might have more idea of it once u watch this one.

Anyway, here's the audition links:
Audition Thread in VOICE ACTING CLUB

So yeah, i hope to see your audition in my inbox soon~ Cheers!!

Posted by Blakant - April 11th, 2011

Assalamualaikum & Good day to anyone who is reading this.

It's been rather less busy days for my college life, so i decided to take some freelance job as a asset/graphic for Flash Game. So far, beside doing 3D Modelling for my college, i have 3 games in my hand atm.

Recently, i got contact with CyberXR and from that, I came out an idea for a game called "Bulletboy". Rough idea is a slingshot game but with a twisted gameplay to it.

Enjoy the jpeg attached to serve as a "teaser" lol

A game i been working on with
ShizzleCreature which we titled "Exilie" will be on hold for a while since Shizzle will be busy with his school work for the time being.


Bulletboy Game & Other news

Posted by Blakant - November 29th, 2010

Assalamualaikum & Hello to all

Just uploaded the latest release for The University series. Been freakingly busy with my assignment n other work i need to do, finally finished this one this morning & upload it around 4pm or so (Malaysia time). so yeah, check it out & hope u enjoy it!

PS : THE SHORTY IS REALLY SHORT ; hope u like the humor... rate 5 pls :P

The University : Grass

The University : Grass Released

Posted by Blakant - October 20th, 2010

Assalamualaikum & good day...

The University certainly haf grown much & i am certainly glad for it to be so. We're hoping to achieve something good from series, abit of recognition to boost this series into a more serious one. Not like we're trying to make a name for ourself or something, but you get the point ya.. lol

Alright, so we just released the sequel to the first entry for the series, Submission Day. As you all WILL notice, we have change the art style totally but the story still be focusing on everyday of student life.

So yeah, watch it, enjoy it, vote it & review it.
i give u Submission Day part 2


Posted by Blakant - September 17th, 2010

Hey there people!

It's been a few weeks since our latest release of the University shorty, Marathon Race. I dunno why it got low score at starters but the score booming up wen it is in the frontpage, but watever, I'm happy that ppl are able to watch it anyway...

So, I'll be having like 3 week holiday for my semester break, so I've lined up 3 shorty for the series, titled First Thing Game, Grass, Joke (name could be changed during the release). So yeah, do check them out wen they do, i made a "movie poster" for one of the shorty which has the most progress so far & I'm expecting it to be release first.

Do follow up wif the series latest news in our Facebook page. Expect the unexpected in The University!

The University : 3 Coming Up Soon

Posted by Blakant - September 2nd, 2010

Hey there, peace be upon ya'll...

It's been along time since I post here, feel kinda weird now, lol
Anyway, I just submitted my latest flash Marathon Race which is a shorty from The University. Me & my brotha akoRn worked on this few weeks back, but finally decided to release it today...

Hope to get alot of view, reviews, good score & more fans join in our Facebook page

another time, a link to the movie http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

The University

Posted by Blakant - January 31st, 2010

Hey there! Salam!

The University been doing fine, the animating work is going smoothly tho it COULD get abit more faster, as it's work is currently paused around the ending of the episode... We currently have about 14 character designed, still need ALOT MORE as background/additional characters...

THINGS TO GET DONE.......... We still in the search of a suitable music for the series themesong... But -Funkalicious- seems to interested me... Will tell ya'll more about it next time....

To wrap it up, here's a screenshot! Enjoy! :D

Flashing (it's not wat u think)....... The University!

Posted by Blakant - December 19th, 2009

Salam, Peace be with you & HELLO!!

It's been a long time since i done any Flash movie lately, i mean really really long time... Probably because of all the assignments, jobs & all since I joined Multimedia University right here in Cyberjaya (Malaysia).

Well, anyway...
After done with the recent assignment work, I'm thinking of doing another Flash, like most of my work, I prefer my work to be comedic bcuz it's less bored & stressful.. lol

About the project....
It's called "The University", comedy genre, or at least I hope it's comedic, lol. The story is basically about the life in a campus. How student live & all.... But the first episode i am going to do is about Presentation day.
I designed 3 characters so far, with the help of my fellow classmate... To help abit with the story script and ALOT with the character design... Hope ya'll enjoy it when it came out...

More news will be added soon, if He wills it... Thank you for reading!

Joining the Flash once more.... The University

Posted by Blakant - May 5th, 2009

Assalamualaikum to Muslims & Hello to Zimmi (Friendly Non-Muslim)!

Few weeks back, a reporter from Sinar newspaper interviewed me about my drawings & stuff...
Last day, it came out! But THEY SPELLED MY NAME WRONG!!

It's Haireey ; Not KHAIREEY! Darn it!

Me In Local Newspaper!