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human poisoning!! HAHAHAHHA

i dont much to say. juz wanna drop by & give this one a 5 star review.
the cuteness rlly works & the ending was excellent~! haha good job

i was in my office when im in my office & i was like... wow~! great job.... sad ending, GREAT ending!

the music could be improve though, it had this weird jumpy feeling between songs or something... good job nonetheless, the hand was beautifully done.

amazing style, very simple story (which is what this kind of art style needed rlly; u cant have this kind of style with complex storyline, u dont do justice if its not being used to express certain feel to it). but the only thing that kinda bug me that the music is somewhat lacks... i noticed u chose to only have percussive instrument for the score, but thats fine... maybe adding a little more layers to add depth to the sound hence enhancing the visual experience would make the whole animation prefect. awesome work. im a fan~! :D

should have make it a loop

Good animation, AWESOME storyline man!
im not sure if the title fit the story, but i guess u had a deeper concept behind it all.. good job~! i wish it was a lil bit longer though...

i dont have much time to type anything here. juz wanna give ya 5 star. good job

GREAT animation technique; but i dont get what the bloody story is about. total mindfucked story; not in a good way kind....

HugoVRB responds:

Haha dude I have no idea.
Thanks by the way (:

it was funny, look is there.. maybe spending lil bit more time in compositing will do the job of perfecting the look.. the animation was spot on, but keep an eye on penetration, the Larry (was it?) arm keep on penetrating the white fence, i think lowering the fence will easily fix the problem.

good job nonetheless.... :D

meh. moral is to mainstream. i like it. i wonder if theres any technique that u used to help animating this particular style much easier... good job nonetheless... good choice of music. keep it up!

Pahgawk responds:

Basically, I drew everything with the pencil tool, and once it was all coloured, I enabled "select multiple frames", selected everything, and then disabled the line colour in the colour panel to remove all the lines.

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